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Policy Code: rm006  
Policy Title: Fraud and Misconduct Prevention and Management  
Keywords: Fraud, Corruption, Misconduct, Integrity  
Summary: This policy seeks to:
• Protect the University’s assets, interests and reputation;
• Ensure a fair and coordinated approach by the University in dealing with suspected acts of fraud, corruption and misconduct;
• Where appropriate, endeavour to safeguard the rights of individuals who are subject to the operation of this policy; and
• Ensure that the University meets its reporting obligations under section 28 of the Corruption and Crime Commission Act (WA) 2003 and other relevant external agencies.  
Revision Date: 07/09/2018  
Effective Date: 16/09/2015  
File Number: SUB/470  
Policy Owner: Director, Risk and Assurance Services Centre
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Categories: Risk Management