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Policy Code: hr154  
Policy Title: Unsatisfactory Performance - Professional Staff  
Keywords: Unsatisfactory Performance, Disciplinary action, professional staff  
Summary: This policy aims to:
• Develop a comprehensive strategy, using a range of support mechanisms, by which a supervisor can assist staff who are performing at a sub-optimal level.
• Provide an efficient, effective and equitable system to manage unsatisfactory performance.
• Improve work performance through a constructive and cooperative approach.
• Recognise the sensitive nature of issues related to unsatisfactory performance and the importance of maintaining confidentiality.
• Create a transparent process that is reviewable with the documentation and recording of information.
• Create a non-threatening and supportive environment in which to address issues related to unsatisfactory performance.  
Revision Date: 01/12/2014  
Effective Date: 12/12/2013  
File Number: SUB/364  
Policy Owner: Director Human Resource Services Centre
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Categories: Human Resources
Employee Relations
Managing Performance